Liberation Day


Freedom is a precious thing and a privilege that cannot be taken for granted in the world. On Liberation Day, we reflect on our freedom and it is something we would like to celebrate with you.


Enter the world of Spacious, an exhibition all through our hotel, that challenges your perception of yourself and the world around us.


Join us at Hotel Arena for the second edition of FOREVER. The line-up is going to be unforgettable and we can’t wait to see you dancing the night away!

The Vessel

In the exhibition “The Vessel”, part of the Queering Puppets Festival 2023, Matt Jackson displays objects usually seen on a stage, but now presented in a more intimate way to invite the viewer to admire them closer in Hotel Arena.

Eye On The City

In a series of photography, Hotel Arena presents the work of young talented New York City Salt artists Malike Sidibe and Daniel Martinez.

Queering Puppets Festival

This year’s Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam will take place at Plein Theater and Hotel Arena. Throughout the festival, expect large and smaller performances, street theatre, acts, installations, exhibitions and workshops.


A Poem – in twenty images.

Photographer Mark Marlon depicts both truth and perspective in his exposition Aepom.

He captures familiar situations into extraordinary beauty.

His disarming work invites you to come closer and investigate the moment.

A study of the Self, the authenticity and the rhythms of life.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival nodigt je uit in de wereld van de verbeelding. Tijdens de elfde editie van het festival worden bezoekers meegenomen in de wereld oneindigheid met het thema ‘Imagine Beyond’.


Revealed Recordings is an EDM record label founded by Hardwell in 2010. Originally starting out as a platform for young talents to sign up too, the label became one of the leading record labels in the dance music scene, and launched careers of well known DJs.Revealed will be back during this years’ Amsterdam Dance Event […]