Jasper Faber

Having photographed all over the world for 20 years, he is proud to present a collection of his photographs. Each with a unique story, which has profoundly influenced his approach to photography and enriched his life.

09/06/2023 5:30 pm - 08/07/2023 8:00 pm


Expo opening Friday 9th of June

Jasper Faber always wonders if it is possible to capture the detail that triggers the feeling in his perception. This quality has always guided him to all the photos he has taken. His photos have a mix of rawness, elegance and respect.
He likes unforeseen possibilities because they allow him to capture images he could never have imagined before and with the greatest possible chance of failure. So that photos can be created that capture the moment in its entirety.
In this way he can endlessly create and express what comes in front of his lens and capture what he sees and feels with natural light and with only a few images per shoot.


Friday, June 9
Walk-in & welcome drink – 5:30 p.m.
Opening exhibition – 18:00
‘s-Gravesandestraat 55
1092AA Amsterdam

Please let us know
if you are coming.

Jasper Faber

About Jasper Faber: “As a portrait and travel photographer, Jasper Faber captures people, landscapes, campaigns and objects all over the world. After gaining extensive experience behind the camera in film and television, Jasper decided to devote his career to his first love: photography.
As an independent photographer, Faber works intuitively and decisively. He likes to capture his subjects and objects in a moment of authenticity and vulnerability, always resulting in powerful, extraordinary and intimate images.”