Terms and Conditions Hotel Arena

At the start of a stay or visit to a room all guests are requested to register themselves at the reception with a valid ID.

Number of persons in the room
It is forbidden to stay in the room with more people than the allowed number.

Receiving guests in rooms for sexual commercial activities
It is not allowed to receive guests in the rooms for sexual commercial activities.

Emergency exits
It is not allowed to use emergency exits as normal entrances and exits.

A deposit of €50 per night is required. This will be collected by credit card, debit card or pin. You should be reimbursed on check-out. Your deposit will be refunded in full by the same payment method, it is a subject to an inspection of the property. Please note it can take up to 10 business days for the refund to show on your account.

To guarantee your safety in our hotel we have security camera’s. As our visitor you agree that recordings are made. After disturbances/accidents, our recordings can be shown to third parties.

Alcoholic drinks
If, in our opinion, you drank too much alcohol, you may be denied the consumption of alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic beverages are provided to persons under the age of 18.

Toilet use
Bathrooms are only intended for guests and visitors of our facilities. Use for other reasons is not permitted.

Loss damage and injury
Hotel Arena is not liable for loss and/or damage to property of guests. If you have valuables, you can store them in your room safe. The safe can be set with a personal pin. The hotel is also not liable in case of personal injury.

Do you have any complaints? Please report them to the reception directly. We are happy to help you and are available 24 hours a day.

We kindly request you to consider our other guests during your stay at the hotel, and to not cause any noise or disturbance for others.

Minor guests and overnight stays  
Guests under the age of 18 require permission of a parent/legal guardian in order to make a room reservation. Underage guests may be refused without permission.

Hotel Arena employees may enter a room in case of emergency if they deem this necessary. Emergencies include but are not limited to the smoke alarm going off, suspected violation of the smoking policy or in case of a disturbance.

Pets are prohibited.

Quiet hours
We request that you respect the night’s rest of our other guests. It must be quiet in the hotel rooms and the hallways as of 11 p.m.

Photography and videography
Professional photography or videography is only allowed with advanced permission of the hotel management.

Filming or taking pictures of our employees without their express permission is forbidden.

Sexual harassment, racism and discrimination
We do not allow sexual harassment, racism, discrimination or undesirable behavior.

The entire hotel is non-smoking. This includes e-cigarettes. We ask you to smoke outside the hotel. Smoking in the hotel room or causing the room to smell of smoke / marihuana will incur a fine of € 200.

Safety services
Disabling and/or misusing our fire or safety equipment will automatically result in removal from the hotel. You will also be charged with any costs that result from your actions.

Narcotic and hallucination
You are not allowed to use soft- and hard drugs in the hotel. Drugs are also not allowed to be brought on the premises. This also includes the use of nitrous oxide ampoules. Violation will result in removal from the hotel.

You may not carry weapons with you or be in possession of them during your stay at the hotel.

You may not take hotel belongings outside the building. Furniture must stay in your room and may not be placed in the hallways. If damage is caused to the hotel or its belongings, you will be held liable for the costs of repair or renewal of the belongings.

Trade in goods
It is forbidden to trade goods in or around the hotel.                                                                                                                                                                 

Violation of one or more of the above rules can lead to removal from the hotel and/or facilities. The deposit and room charges will not be returned to you if you are removed from the premises, and you might be help liable for extra charges.


In all cases not covered by these regulations, the Management of hotel Arena decides.