Enter the world of Spacious, an exhibition all through our hotel, that challenges your perception of yourself and the world around us.

06/04/2023 - 06/05/2023


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Spacious is about being bigger than yourself. How people experience you and how you experience yourself. How your thoughts have a picture of the physical body and person. How you actually experience the physical body.

From what position you see yourself and what mass this has. How others can see you while you don’t experience this yourself. What are wearing pieces in your life and who keeps what instant. How we rise ourselves above others in our minds but what does this actually mean for yourself.

How we are stuck in the body that decays while our mind can enrich much more than the time the physical body has. The time crunch that the physical body brings in a world where time does not exist. 

Ernest Bessems 

Ernest Bessems is a Dutch artist who works across sculpture, drawing, painting and performance. His background in architecture inspired him to keep working on the scale of architecture whilst the form of his sculptures predominantly shifted to human figuration.In his practice this human figure represents anorganic and emotional intervention in a built environment that is marked architectural perfection and indifference.

His worksaestheticise, the dramatic weight and magnitude of inner human experiences. Bessems currently works and lives in
Amsterdam, The Netherlands