Walk The Talk: Art tour with Hazel Ling & Elise Noordhoek

Explore art in a unique way: take part in the encounter between viewer, artist and photography during an interactive tour through Hotel Arena.

02/06/2024 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm


Amsterdam Art Week x Hotel Arena

Walk The Talk

Photography Art tour with
Hazel Ling & Elise Noordhoek

Sunday 2nd of June 15.00

Discover art with your feelings and put it into practice during Hazel’s art tour.

What impact does art have on you?

Discover the depth of art with an interactive tour and artist talk by Hazel Ling and Elise Noordhoek
Hazel Ling shares her inspiration, creative process and the meaning behind her intriguing works in her exhibition ¨BLEND¨, now on show at Hotel Arena. Hazel reveals a new reality in her art, where photography blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination. She strives for a dialogue between her work and the viewer, which she explores the boundary between different art forms.
Elise Noordhoek will introduce the tour and share different ways of viewing and experiencing art. Together, we discover how to look at art and how it connects us. What does art do to you? What feeling does art evoke in you? By discussing what we perceive, we create an engaging dialogue between viewer and maker during this interactive tour.

About Elise

We’re excited to introduce Elise, a dynamic museum docent. Elise brings museum collections to life through storytelling, engaging activities, and creative workshops. With experience at renowned museums like Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam, she now freelances in the cultural sector, working with the Valkhof Museum and conducting research for Cultuur Oost. Elise’s expertise in audience engagement and education makes her sessions truly unique.

Join us to experience Elise’s passion for art and discover how she makes art accessible and meaningful for everyone.

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