CITY IN STILLNESS, NATURE IN MOTION This exhibition showcases the work of artist Hazel Ling, with a new collection that explores the fusion of urban serenity and natural energy. The works have not been shown before and offer a unique perspective on both aspects.

19/04/2024 5:30 pm - 27/06/2024 8:00 pm


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Hazel Ling

Fine Art photographer

Exhibition on show from 19 April to the 27th of June

“Photography allows me to create compositions where the internal and external worlds collide

and where reality meets the imaginary”

BLEND: City in stillness, Nature in Motion, an exquisite exhibition by the talented artist Hazel, born and raised in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.
Hazel’s journey through life has been a tale of two contrasting worlds—the bustling energy of urban landscapes and the serene beauty of nature.
This duality has not only shaped her perspective but also her artistic expression, beautifully summarised in her fine art photography showcased in this collection.

Hazel Ling

Hazel was born in Amsterdam shortly after her parents migrated there from China. Although she was raised in Holland the Chinese cultural influence on her was huge. Her cultural duality has shaped who she is today, how she sees things and the way in which she expresses herself in photography.
Unconsciously the serenity, harmony and imaginary of Chinese art, combined with her awareness of western art have left an impression in her photographic style. From an early age, she started to play with compact cameras and loved going through her mum’s black and white studio portraits from the sixties.
Despite pursuing a career in finance, her passion for photography led her to the Amsterdam Photo Academy. Her talent was quickly recognized when she was commissioned to create a monumental artwork for the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Since then, she has exhibited internationally, including prestigious venues like Arta Gallery in Toronto and museums such as the Hilversum Museum and Museum de Fundatie. Her work continues to captivate audiences both at home and abroad, earning her nominations and accolades, including the ‘Rabo Ontdekt Talent Prijs’.