The Dream Vehicle

Join us for the premiere of "The Dream Vehicle" and the opening of the accompanying photo exhibition, a multimedia showcase at Hotel Arena by artist duo Anna Witkowska and Rob Verbunt.

14/07/2024 3:30 pm - 08/08/2024 6:30 pm


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The Dream Vehicle
Film premiere & photo exhibition
at Hotel Arena

July 14 at 15:30 PM

Join us for the filmpremiere of “The Dream Vehicle,” at Hotel Arena. This cinematographic work of art created by Immanuel Bom will be shown to the public for the first time in our historic chapel of Hotel Arena.

The film premiere marks the opening of the multimedia exhibition in Hotel Arena by artist duo Anna Witkowska and Rob Verbunt. Experience an adventurous road trip through the Benelux with captivating narrative photography, live music, and performances.


15.30 Live music by oboist Maud Sauer and live dance performance
16.00 Film premiere, with a foreword by Paul Hermanides, director and owner of the Hotel Arena
16:30 – 16:45 Q&A by creative director Robert Theunissen, with Immanuel Bom and WitkowskaVerbunt
16:45 – 18:30 Arena Summer Vibes PARTY, exhibition with drinks, snacks and music.

“An introspective journey into
the mystery of time and love”

A Multimedia Journey

The film is a further completion of the multimedia project ‘The Dream Vehicle’ that started in 2019 as a photographic research and is an extension of the book of the same name, in which Anna and Rob, traveling in their classic Volvo, depict the search for love.

For the art film, filmmaker Immanuel Bom travelled with the duo to the most prominent locations from the book and filmed performances, landscapes and photo sessions. He also motivated Anna and Rob to purchase a camcorder to document their own work processes. The result, several hundred hours of film material, was seamlessly converted by Bom into the cinematographic artwork that will be seen by the general public on July 14.

WitkowskaVerbunt wrote a number of pieces of music for the film score and the duo turned to oboist Maud Sauer and music producer Martin Verheesen. Emerge yourself in film and music on July 14, when Witkowskaverbunt reaches the next step in the long-term project. Their plea for love in their powerful and bittersweet dance with the passing of time.

The exhibition is on show until August 8th.

Film premiere & photo exhibition opening
Sunday July 14th 15:30

Hotel Arena Oosterpark ’s-Gravesandestraat 55 1092 AA Amsterdam

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About WitkowskaVerbunt

Anna Witkowska and Rob Verbunt are both on a photographic journey, but their approaches differ greatly. Anna creates grand, saturated, and razor-sharp scenes between man and woman, while Rob uses a pinhole camera to make intimate, painterly portraits.

Rob Verbunt began as an advertising artist and developed into a photographer and writer. After a career in writing and music and releasing two music albums, he graduated from the Fotoacademie Rotterdam in 2012. His work with the pinhole technique addresses themes such as loss, intimacy, and human drive, often featuring himself as part of the images.

Anna Witkowska, originally a ceramics designer, found her calling in photography and film. She graduated from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2016. Her work reflects on the transient nature of time and space, using staged scenes and solitary human figures to question our place in the world.