Step into a vibrant world where creativity knows no bounds. This exclusive event, born out of a love for fashion and a passion for fostering creativity, spotlights untapped brilliance among young fashion designers.

14/01/2024 3:00 pm - 28/02/2024

Sunday 14th of January 2024

Opening Fashion Exhibition

Recognizing a lack of platforms for rising stars, our mission is to celebrate unbridled imagination and innovation, providing a stage for emerging talents.

This showcase goes beyond traditional fashion shows, revealing how young designers perceive the world. It’s a swift yet impactful exposure of emerging talents.

It’s not just a fashion show; it’s a celebration of the fearless, unapologetic spirit of the next generation. In a world where the future of fashion is shaped by the fresh perspectives of the youth, this event stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for the next generation of trendsetters. Get ready to be captivated, inspired, and immersed in the world of tomorrow’s fashion icons—all in one unforgettable night.


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Exclusieve Expo Opening

Sunday 14th of January
14:30 Walk-in
15.00 Start Show
Dancing on tunes & vibes of DJ Cheryl till 19:00.

Hotel Arena
’s-Gravesandestraat 55
1092 AA Amsterdam

Dayenne Bekker

Art Director & Initiator

Dayenne Bekker, a seasoned stylist with over a decade in the fashion industry, possesses an unwavering passion for the art of clothing. Beyond fabric and stitches, Dayenne sees fashion as a powerful form of self-expression, a silent language that speaks volumes. Although her journey veered away from her dream of becoming a fashion designer, her love for the craft deepened. This detour led her to styling, unlocking doors and realizing unexpected dreams in the fashion world.

Inspired by this passion, she conceived an event to provide young designers with a significant platform to showcase their talent. With utmost respect for existing platforms, Dayenne believes there can’t be enough exposure for these rebels. With over 10 years dedicated to shaping and witnessing the evolution of fashion, Diana continues to bring creativity and innovation to her stylistic endeavors.

Cheryl, an Amsterdam-based DJ, draws inspiration from 90’s house and soul music, infusing her sets with captivating basslines, percussion, and vocals. Her style combines minimal sound with oldskool and contemporary beats, creating a magnetic atmosphere. So let Cheryl’s electrifying tunes create unforgettable dance floor moments


Annalie van Doorn: A Mission for Sustainable Fashion

Introducing Annalie van Doorn, a designer, artist, and travel enthusiast. Annalie’s journey in sustainable fashion is a mission to remind the world of its value. Her circular collection for the documentary FULL CIRCLE and showcasing at HC Paris Fashion Week highlight her commitment to upcycling. Annalie breaks down hierarchies in fashion, creating a collection where everything holds equal value. Her work, blending 2D and 3D elements, is a manifestation of craftsmanship and sustainability, expressing a story through multiple creative outputs.

Insta Annalie

Floyd Rorije: Punk/Rock A-Gender Fusion

Floyd Rorije, an ArtEZ University of the Arts graduate in Lichting 2023, brings YOU AND I S*X: a play A-Gender collection channeling Punk/Rock influences while embracing sustainability. This innovative 11-piece collection resurrects second-hand garments, crafting a timeless fusion. Transcending gender boundaries, Floyd’s distinct touch blends leather and upcycling, prioritizing durability and quality. A journey through vintage treasures leads to unique outcomes, echoing the fearless style of rockstars who shattered norms.

Insta Floyd

Klaar Straatman: Fashioning Artistic Narratives

Klaar, a multidisciplinary designer and 2023 graduate from ArtEZ Fashion Design, sees fashion beyond a product, using it as a canvas for communication and art. Her work delves into various states of being, both physically and mentally, weaving immersive narratives through characters and storytelling. With a focus on dialogue between her creations, surroundings, and the wearer, Klaar is now expanding her expertise into 3D-design and scenography.

Insta Klaar

André Konings: Exploring Liminal Spaces

Meet André Konings, a graduate from Utrecht School of the Arts, chosen for Lichting 2023. In his collection, LIMINAL, André delves into the realm of liminal spaces, drawing parallels to his blend of Dutch and Filipino heritage. Fluidly existing between genders and identities, his enigmatic looks challenge conventional definitions, finding solace within the nebulous. With captivating exaggerations inspired by online depictions, each ensemble defies understanding, offering a gateway to a realm that blends clarity with the mystery of existence.

Ulkuhan Akgul: Transgressive dreamer.

Ulkuhan Akgul, an Amsterdam Fashion Institute graduate chosen for Lichting 2023, presents ONLINE IDENTITY DISORDER. Despite a fascination with technology, he advocates for maintaining human control over elements like AI and social media. Reflecting on the loss of personal privacy, Ulkuhan commits to a sustainable fashion collection using 100% upcycled materials, contributing to environmental responsibility.

Insta Ulkahan

Ruben Jurriën: Breaking Fashion Boundaries with Fun and Inclusivity

Ruben Jurriën, a fashion designer passionate about inclusivity, graduated Cum Laude in 2022. His designs break the curse of defined boundaries, introducing fun into the functional society of fashion. Flamboyant yet functional, his garments are one size fits all or adaptable, making fashion accessible to everyone. The collection “Pak van mijn Hart!” aims to make the fashion industry more inclusive and joyful, where body image is no longer an issue.

Insta Ruben

Jelena Bondt: Capturing Lifetimes Through Fabric and Film

Rotterdam-born fashion and costume designer Jelena Bondt, a Cum Laude graduate from ArtEZ in 2023, is a storyteller through fabric and film. Fueled by emotions and fear, her work explores the intricacies of life—death, loss, loneliness, and the journey of growing up. Her graduation collection, “Wie nimmer het nest verlaat zal nooit weten of hij kan vliegen,” is a timeless ode to a lifetime, inspired by the various stages from childhood to fatherhood and a heartfelt tribute to her father.

Insta Jelena

Batuhan Demir: Crafting Strength and Hope

Born in 1998 in Almelo, Netherlands, Batuhan Demir is a creative storyteller. His journey from menswear studies to a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design at ArtEZ University produced ‘Saints In Sin City,’ a collection reflecting experiences and emotions. Batuhan’s designs represent those often misunderstood by society, capturing beauty, love, strength, and hope. For him, fashion is a powerful tool to convey narratives of resilience, giving a voice to the unseen.

Joëlle Leenders: A Creative Journey in Fashion and Education

Joëlle Leenders embarked on her creative journey in the fashion world since 2016, culminating in her graduation from ArtEZ Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten in 2021. Joëlle’s approach combines practical schooling and creative thinking, translating memories and stories into wearable items. With management experience, she brings clarity to the complexity of the creative process. Joëlle is not only a designer but also an inspiring figure in the dynamic worlds of fashion, art, and education.

Insta Joëlle

Olivia Lottersberger: Unraveling Roots and Morals in Fashion

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Olivia Lottersberger moved to the Netherlands to study fashion design at ArtEZ University of the Arts. Her graduation collection, WEIBERCATCH, unravels her roots and morals in eight Women’s Wear looks. Combining details of folkloric Austrian clothing with dissimilar silhouettes and materials, Olivia’s work reflects a broader view of culture and traditions.

Insta Olivia

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Exclusieve Expo Opening

Sunday 14th of January
14:30 Walk-in
15.00 Start Show
Dancing on tunes of DJ Cheryl untill 19:00.

Hotel Arena
’s-Gravesandestraat 55
1092 AA Amsterdam