Ópalo at the chapel

The chapel is transformed into an evening full of Ibiza vibes through decorations, live acts, and of course, the music itself.

25/05/2024 -


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Get ready for Ópalo biggest event!

Ópalo is a organization aiming to bring the modern Ibiza hippie culture to the Netherlands through music, art, and community. Dance the night away with us in one of Amsterdam’s most unique church chapels.

Date: Saturday, May 25th

We are Ópalo, and we want to bring the modern Ibiza hippie culture to the Netherlands.

What makes Ópalo unique is that they are the only ones bringing the Ibiza vibe to the Netherlands with a focus on Afro-house and collaborating with artists who can do more than just mix tapes.

The reason for this Spanish name is because Afro-house is associated with the hippie culture in Ibiza. This movement is about free spirits resisting established norms and values, focusing on finding freedom and joy in life