Let us introduce you to

Damian Jones

Many of you would probably know him as a restaurant server. But Damian has a very interesting life next to Hotel Arena.
Damian grew up in Trinidad and Tobago with very little.
He learned to make his own clothes by taking up tailoring classes in high school. After graduating, with a degree in Tailoring, Costume Design, Hair & Make-Up, he landed a job specializing in costume-making for Ian Smith. Eight years ago, Damian moved to Amsterdam due to close friendships.
In Amsterdam, Damian began making costumes for drag performances, including winning the best costume award at the Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade in 2016. He is most proud of opening House of Faith, the first black performance drag house in the Netherlands, which participated in the SuperBall Amsterdam in 2022, where one of its performers won the Super international performer prize.
Damian draws inspiration by sitting down and letting his creativity flow. He believes in being his own inspiration.
His future goal is to start a business specializing in costume design and clothing for plus-sized women.

Check out his Instagram : @house_of_faith_jones

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