Marta Syrko Retrospective 

Diving deeply into the ebb and flow of memories, emotions, and experiences with the exposition "Retrospective"

18/08/2023 - 13/09/2023


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Exposition Marta Syrko
Artist event & opening – Sunday 27th of August

Expo from 18th of August untill 13th of September

We are excited to host a new exposition by Marta Syrko at Hotel Arena.

Marta Syrko is an artist who works in various mediums and techniques to explore the intersection between art history, social issues, and the human body. As a photographer and art director, she uses her skills to create fine art photographs that are visually stunning and thought-provoking. 

Her conceptual correlations with art history indicate that she is facinated in how the past informs the present, and how we can learn from the artistic traditions of previous generations.

Additionally, her use of portrait photography to address social issues indicates that she is also engaged in exploring contemporary concerns and questions surrounding identity, representation, and the body. 

By investigating the human body as a marker of identity in its imperfection, she is likely challenging conventional notions of beauty and perfection, and highlighting the diversity and complexity of human experience.

Expo Retrospectives

Diving deeply into the ebb and flow of memories, emotions, and experiences, Marta presents her unique visual narrative in an almost whimsical aquatic world.

Drawing inspiration from both contemporary realities and historical nuances, this collection promises a journey that reveals new perspectives.

Come and enjoy her work at Hotel Arena from August 18th to September 13th. Join us in celebrating the exhibition opening and meet Marta and her art on Sunday, August 27th

Expo Opening
Sunday 27th of August

15.30 Walk-in & welcome drink
16.00 Expo-opening

Hotel Arena
’s-Gravesandestraat 55
1092 AA Amsterdam

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It is admirable that Marta is using her voice and her art to shine a light on the situation in Ukraine, and to encourage others to pay attention to the struggles of the Ukrainian people. 

Artists often use their work for political or social commentary, and Marta Syrko does so with both sensitivity and impact. Deeply committed to exploring the human condition, her art stands as a potent reflection of her experiences. As a Ukrainian in Amsterdam, she’s inspired to highlight the unrest in her homeland, with notable collaborations like the Dutch National Opera & Ballet emphasizing her creative response to these issues.